Daisy Dog has been the pen name of three dogs since 2002: Molly, a standard poodle; Annie, an English setter; and Missy, a golden retriever. The original Daisy Dog, an olde English sheepdog of the same name, was Dr. Pickett’s first dog as an adult. In answering questions posed by readers, Daisy Dog sometimes consults her standard poodle brother, Lincoln, and her Irish wolfhound brother, Ollie.


Bones and joints

Cleft palate D2017-28

Cold weather safety D2018-51

Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism) D2018-45

Deafness D2017-36

Diet and feeding

Distemper D2017-22

DNA testing D2018-27, D2018-44

Dog bone recipes D2007-49

Domestic violence D2017-17

Ears D2017-14, D2018-35

Epilepsy D2017-35

Extreme physical characteristics D2018-36


Facial nerve paralysis D2017-25

Finances D2017-42

Fleas and ticks

Gifting a pet D2018-49

Gifts for dogs D2017-49

Glaucoma D2018-43

Heart disease – D2018-01

Heat stroke

Homeopathy D2017-40

Human immune compromise D2017-44

Influenza D2017-29

Internet pharmacies D2018-15

Kennel cough D2018-52

Leptospirosis D2017-34

Lice D2017-26

Mammary tumors D2018-41

Megaesophagus D2017-08

Microchip D2018-30

MRSA D2018-21

Nose depigmentation D2018-31

Parasites D2017-05

Parvovirus D2018-23

Porcupine quills D2017-19

Scooting hind end D2018-12

Snake bites D2017-12

Skin and hair coat

Teeth and gums


Umbilical hernia D2017-07

Vitamin D D2018-47

Yunnan baiyao D2017-32