Christopher Cat is the pen name of Bogart, a tuxedo cat who prefers belly rubs to actually working. He is happy to accept assistance with the column from feline family members Bacall and Carlie, who enjoy answering readers’ questions.

Oliver, a silver and black long-haired tabby of uncertain ancestry, was the first to use the pen name Christopher Cat. Oliver, now deceased, was known for his common-sense intelligence, humor and unlimited self-confidence.

Adoption C2018-23

Anemia C2017-46

Bedbugs C2018-38


Bite wound abscess C2018-29

Black cats C2017-41

Bones and joints C2017-12

Calico cats C2018-11


Careers C2017-39

Cat scratch disease C2017-06

Cheyletiella mites C2018-35

Communicating with veterinarian C2018-32

Constipation C2018-47

Corporate veterinary practices C2018-46

Death and after-death care C2018-45

Declawing C2017-20



Disaster preparedness C2017-17

Distemper C2018-31

Feline leukemia and immunodeficiency viruses

Fences C2017-42

Fleas and ticks

Handedness C2018-05

Heart disease

Heartworms C2017-19C2018-34

Hyperthyroidism C2017-29, C2018-39

Intestinal parasites C2018-34

Kidney disease

Kitten gender/age determination C2018-27

Lice C2017-26

Litter and litter boxes C2017-02

Lysine for upper respiratory infections C2018-21

Maine coon cats C2017-31

Medication disposal C2018-18

Moving C2018-33

Outdoor cats C2017-52

Pet bereavement C2017-28

Purring C2018-06

Reindeer C2017-49

Sexing kitten C2017-30

Skin and hair coat

Sterilization C2018-02

Suicide among veterinarians C2018-52

Teeth and gums


Travel and health certificate C2017-21C2017-49

Upper respiratory infection C2017-25

Urinary problems C2017-03, C2018-37