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Lee, Daisy & Christopher
Dr. Lee Pickett,
Daisy Dog and
Christopher Cat

Ask the Vet's Pets is an entertaining, educational veterinary advice column written by Dr. Lee Pickett and her pets. The self-syndicated weekly column, which is available to newspapers, magazines and e-zines, helps pet lovers better care for their four-legged family members.

If you have a dog, cat or other pet and would like to learn more about veterinary care, please click here. You'll find 800 pages of answers to questions asked by other pet lovers.

If you are an editor and want to learn about the benefits of carrying the column after a free, no-risk trial, please click here.


Keep pet safety in mind as you plant your garden

Remember that gardens can pose risks for dogs and outdoor cats. To read columns about pet-safe plants, mulch and pest/weed control, visit the Toxicity/Safety sections of the dog index and the cat index.


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