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Dear Daisy Dog

My husband leaves his socks around the house, and I’m afraid our dog, Katie, will eat them and get sick. He says I shouldn’t worry, because his socks smell so bad Katie would never touch them. Please settle this marital disagreement.

Daisy Responds

My dad’s socks smell bad, too, but that never stopped me. Fortunately, I’m a big English setter, and each time I eat a sock, it passes right through me.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that when Dad’s lawn mower blade hits my sock-filled poop, it shreds his sock into confetti that decorates our backyard until he rakes it up.

Mom scolds Dad – and me, when she catches me in the act – because socks can get stuck in pets’ stomachs and intestines. When that happens, major surgery usually is required.

In fact, a large veterinary insurance company ranks ingested socks highest on their list of items requiring surgical removal.

The top 10 list also includes underwear, panty hose, rocks, balls, chew toys, corn cobs, bones, hair ties/ribbons and sticks.

Abdominal surgery is painful, even with modern pain management, and the vomiting and malaise that precede the surgical diagnosis are no fun either.

If that isn’t enough to persuade your husband to pick up his socks, tell him that the average fee to diagnose and remove a sock or similar item is $1000.

If he still leaves his socks around and Katie picks one up, ask her to come to you and exchange the sock for a small dog treat.

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