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Dear Daisy Dog

I’m having trouble house training my 6-month-old pug. I would like her to use the paper in the laundry room, but sometimes she goes in the corner of the dining room. Do you have any tips?

Daisy Responds

When I was adopted by my current family at age five, I wasn’t house trained. I quickly became reliable in my new home, and I’ll tell you how.

But first, you should take urine and fecal samples to your veterinarian for testing. If your pup has a urinary tract infection or intestinal parasites, she’ll have difficulty controlling elimination.

My foremost house training tip is to closely supervise your puppy by attaching her to you with a six-foot leash. When that isn’t possible, put her in a dog crate.

Her crate should provide just enough room for her to stand and lie down comfortably, but not be so large that she can use one end as her bedroom and the other as her bathroom.

Take her to her potty papers – or a dog litter box like Purina’s secondnature – on a regular schedule: when she wakes up, after she eats or plays, every few hours throughout the day, and before bedtime.

Tell her, “Go potty.” When she does, praise her.

Don’t let her food sit out all day. Feeding two or three meals daily will make house training easier.
Finally, when your puppy has an accident, clean it up with an enzymatic product like Nature’s Miracle to eliminate any odor that might draw her back to the same location.

For more suggestions on training a dog to eliminate indoors, visit the secondnature Web site at and click on “housetraining guide.”

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