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Dear Daisy Dog

My greyhound wags his tail so hard against walls and other hard objects that the tip of his tail bleeds. I bandage it, but as soon as he wags again, the bandage falls off. Therefore, the tip of his tail never really heals. What do you suggest?

Daisy Responds

Apply a “happy tail” wrap to protect his tail while it heals. Here are the directions:

Start by gathering adhesive tape and a sterile, non-stick bandage large enough to cover the injured tail tip.
In addition, find a rigid plastic cylinder about the diameter of your dog’s tail and a few inches long. A travel toothbrush holder is suitable.

Or, ask your veterinarian for a plastic syringe case that fits your dog’s tail. Because syringes are available in various sizes, the tubes that hold them come in a variety of diameters.

If the end is closed, cut it off or punch a hole so air can circulate.

Apply the non-stick bandage to the injured tail tip, and slip the plastic cylinder over it.

Secure the cylinder to the tail with adhesive tape strips placed lengthwise, several inches up the tail.

Wrap more adhesive tape in a spiral around the tail, starting at the top of the strips and ending on the plastic cylinder.

If you’re concerned that your dog will pull off the wrap and ingest it, put on an Elizabethan collar, BiteNot collar or donut collar to prevent him from reaching his tail.

If your dog’s tail tip doesn’t heal, see your veterinarian.

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