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Dear Daisy Dog

Are heated water bowls safe? My dogs can access the house and backyard at all times, and I want them to have water when they are outside in freezing weather.

However, I’m concerned that they might chew the bowl’s electrical cord. Do you have any suggestions?

Daisy Responds

Heated water bowls are generally safe, because most models’ cords are covered by a thick, chew-proof steel tube.

But if you want to avoid a cord altogether, consider a Solar Sipper or a homemade solar water bowl.
The Solar Sipper uses the sun’s warmth – and a partially covered bowl – to prevent freezing.

Every morning, you fill the Solar Sipper with warm water and place it in the sun. If the air temperature stays above 20 degrees, the water remains drinkable all day.

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Alternatively, you can make your own solar-heated water bowl by filling an old tire with rocks and then wedging a thick plastic thermal-type water dish in the center.

The black tire absorbs the sun’s heat and transfers it to the rocks, which hold the heat and radiate it to the water dish.

Another option is to place a Snuggle Safe heated disc into your dogs’ outdoor water bowl.

The disc is designed to be heated in the microwave and put into pets’ bedding to keep it toasty. When the disc is dropped into a water bowl, it warms the water for a few hours.

Like your dogs, I have water bowls indoors and out. My outdoor bowl isn’t heated, so when it freezes, I entertain myself by chewing the ice.

Every morning, Mom gives me the block of ice from the frozen bowl, and I get to bat it around our deck like a hockey puck.

If your dogs are like me, they might prefer to drink water indoors and play with the ice outside.

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