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Dear Daisy Dog

My dog Jake has seizures, and I would like him to wear a collar or tag that makes his condition clear. Does anyone make medical alert collars for dogs?

Daisy Responds

I am a healthy dog, so I carry the minimum identification: a microchip and a tag that gives my address and phone number.

That way, if I’m ever lost, someone will help me find my way home.

Jake needs even more: an ID that alerts people to his need for daily medication to prevent seizures.

To help him if he gets lost, buy a collar embroidered with the word “Seizures” and your telephone number.
Alternatively, get a Pet Health Alert tag, similar to a medical alert bracelet for humans.

They’re available for pets that are blind or deaf, and for animal companions with seizures, diabetes, thyroid disease or allergies.

Pets with other diseases can wear “Needs Meds” or “Special Needs” tags.

Jake’s tag would say “Seizures” and provide a Web address,, and his unique identification number.

If he gets lost, the person who finds him can discover your contact information and the medications he needs at the Pet Health Alert Web site.

The site also can show Jake’s photo and, if you are traveling, your temporary contact information.

Of course, tags can be lost, so to be extra safe, I carry permanent identification – a microchip.

Mom injected the microchip under my skin and registered the number with a national registry.

Every dog should have an identification tag and microchip like I do. Jake – and other dogs with uncommon needs – require the added protection of a special collar or tag.

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