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Dear Daisy Dog

As I watched the television coverage of Hurricane Katrina, I was shaken to see dogs separated from their owners because the shelters for people refused to accept pets.

What can I do to ensure that my dogs and I will not be separated during a disaster?

Daisy Responds

I would be lost without my human parents, and I know the separation would be terrible for them, too.

Surprisingly, Pennsylvania is the most flood-prone state in America, according to disaster management experts.

Thus, it’s wise to plan, so if a disaster occurs, you’ll be prepared.

First, microchip your dogs, and update the contact information whenever you move. I am microchipped, so if I am separated from my family, I know we’ll be reunited.

Ensure that each dog in your family wears an identification tag. Include your cell phone number.

Next, decide where you will go if you must evacuate.Choose two destinations, one outside the region in case you must leave the area entirely.

If you don’t have a car, figure out how you will transport your dogs.

Finally, label a large envelope “Pet Info,” and insert the following items for each pet:

  • a photograph;
  • microchip documentation;
  • medical summary, including vaccination records, medication names and doses, and veterinarian’s name and telephone number;
  • identification tags with the addresses and telephone numbers of both evacuation sites.

Store the envelope in a handy spot, like next to a container that holds bowls and a week’s supply of food and water.

September is National Preparedness Month, so get busy!

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