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Dear Daisy Dog

My 4-year-old Labrador retriever was easy to house train, but she wouldn’t stay off the furniture, so we relegated her to an outside pen.

I release her from the pen an hour each day to exercise and play with her toys, but sometimes she runs off. When I call her, she ignores me.

What should I do?

Daisy Responds

The solution to your problem is to bring your dog back into the house.

When we dogs live with humans – and learn to follow the house rules – we bond more tightly to you and are therefore more likely to obey when we are outside.

Inside, teach your dog the word “off,” the command my brothers and I hear when we climb on furniture with muddy paws.

When you’re not home to supervise your dog, crate her or set up a SSSCAT pet repellent system on the furniture she frequents.

The SSSCAT system consists of a battery-operated motion detector and a canister of air. When the unit detects movement, it beeps and sprays a burst of high-pressure air.

Pets quickly learn to stay away.

Each canister provides 200 blasts of air. Refills are available, so you can move the unit to other furniture around the house.

Next, obedience train your dog, and practice daily – outside when possible. If you train with a group, your dog will learn to come when called, despite distractions.

Finally, consider fencing a small area of your yard, enough for your dog to run around and chase balls.

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