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Dear Daisy Dog

My neighbor keeps his dog chained to a dog house all day and night. Occasionally the dog escapes and runs loose in the neighborhood, and I am afraid he will bite a child. What can I do?

Daisy Responds

We have the same problem in our neighborhood.

One morning while Mom was walking my brother Jack and me on our leashes, a chained dog slipped her collar and attacked Jack, badly injuring him. I am smaller and undoubtedly would have been killed had I been the one attacked.

That situation was so frightening that I suggest you talk with your neighbor soon.

Explain that dogs are pack animals genetically programmed to live in families where they can provide companionship, protection and unconditional love.

A chained dog can protect only the small area within reach of his chain, and he can’t help his people when they need it.

Furthermore, chained dogs are more likely to bite than dogs socialized to live with people.

If you are uncomfortable talking with the dog’s owner, call your local animal welfare organization or send a letter signed by many concerned neighbors.

For a sample, go to and click on Send a Letter at the top of the home page, or phone 1-877-636-1408.

Dogs Deserve Better (DDB) is committed to moving chained and penned dogs into the home. When people agree to move their chained dogs inside, DDB helps them socialize and house train their dogs.

One more thing you can do: Demand that your local government council prohibit chaining in your community – or at least limit the number of hours dogs can be chained. DDB can help you with that, too.

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