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Dear Daisy Dog

I am moving to a third-floor apartment in a retirement community with my cocker spaniel, Gracie. To get outside where Gracie can relieve herself, we have to walk down a hallway and take an elevator to the ground floor.

The apartment manager told me that if Gracie soils the hallway carpet or elevator, I will have to pay the cleaning bill. Do you have any suggestions?

Daisy Responds

Yes. Teach Gracie to use a doggie litter box. I’m not kidding.

A dog litter box will allow her to relieve herself in the apartment, even if you’re away for the day or the night is stormy.

Purina makes a dog litter box, or you can use a pan designed to fit under a washing machine to catch leaks. For a small male dog who raises his leg to urinate, a large covered cat litter box with the top cut off usually works well.

Partially fill the box with a pelleted litter such as Purina secondnature or Feline Pine. Puppy “pee pads” and newspapers are also absorbent.

The easiest way to help Gracie transition to the doggie litter box is to crate train her and teach her a word or phrase when she goes to the box.

Mom says “hurry up” when it’s time for the dogs in my family to do our business, and I am proud to say that I am usually the first to whom she says, “Good hurry up!”

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