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Dear Daisy Dog

What do you think about microchipping my new puppy?

Daisy Responds

I’m all for it. I have a microchip, and it makes me feel secure to know that if I ever wander off, the chip will help me get back home to my mom.

A microchip is a rice-sized device that, when scanned with a special instrument at the shelter or animal hospital, identifies me and, more importantly, tells how to contact my mom.

The microchip is under my skin near my shoulder blades. It was injected through a syringe while I was awake, and it didn’t hurt a bit.

If your pup is needle shy, your veterinarian can inject the microchip during spay/neuter surgery.

Tattooing is an alternative method for permanent identification. An ID number is tattooed on my inner thigh – just to be double safe.

Regardless of the type of permanent identification you choose, it’s essential to put a tag on your pup’s collar.

Some people think they don’t need to tag their dogs because the dogs stay within a fenced yard. To those people I say, “Just talk to my brother Sam!”

He learned that it only takes one neighborhood child, delivery person or meter reader to leave the gate ajar. He was gone all day.

So celebrate Tag Day on April 3, 2004, by buying a tag for your dog’s collar.

For information on what to do if your dog gets lost, visit and search for Tag Day.

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