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Dear Daisy Dog

We were devastated when a moment of supervised fun turned deadly.

Our dogs were playing together, and the D-ring on one dog’s collar became lodged over the other dog’s canine tooth. The dogs twisted in an attempt to get untangled, but the twisted collar became a noose that strangled one of our beautiful dogs.

We were unable to loosen the buckle collar, and the collar was too thick to cut quickly. Our dog died before our eyes. Please warn your readers.

Daisy Responds

We are truly sorry for your loss. We hope your tragic story will save other lives.

Almost all veterinarians have seen collar injuries and deaths. Collars and tags can become tangled on kennels, fences, branches – or another dog’s jaw – leading to strangulation.

Suggestions for safe use of collars are:

  • Instead of a buckle collar, consider a snap collar which can be released quickly, without having to first tighten it like a belt buckle. An alternative is a break-away collar, which has a safety clip that releases in an emergency but can be bypassed when the dog is walked on a leash.
  • Remove the collar before you kennel your dog.
  • Be sure your dog wears a tag with your name, address and phone number. I also have a microchip to ensure that I’ll be reunited with Mom if she wanders off. More dogs are lost because of inadequate identification than are injured by collars.

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