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Dear Christopher Cat

My cat has a blister in his ear. I can’t take him to the vet because he gets very upset in the car. Should I prick the blister?

Christopher Responds

No. The blister might be filled with blood, which may continue to ooze. Furthermore, your cat may need a medication or other treatment only a veterinarian can provide.

Instead of pricking the blister, make an appointment with your veterinarian -– and try your hand at relieving your cat’s anxiety.

Several days before the appointment, place a thick towel and a few cat treats in your cat’s carrier, and set the carrier in his favorite napping location. If your cat becomes comfortable sleeping in his carrier at home, the car ride will be less stressful.

On the day of the veterinary appointment, spray the inside of the carrier with Feliway, a pheromone that calms us cats. It’s available at pet supply stores, over the Internet and by catalog. It always relaxes me, and I’m sure it will make your car trip more peaceful.

If you’re still reluctant to drive to your veterinarian’s office, make an appointment with a housecall vet.

If your regular veterinarian doesn’t make housecalls and can’t refer you, you can find a housecall vet in your telephone book or at, the Web site of the American Association of Housecall and Mobile Veterinarians.

The veterinarian will do a thorough physical examination, treat the ear problem, update any overdue vaccinations and offer guidance on keeping your kitty healthy.

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