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Dear Christopher Cat

Why does my dog eat the poop from my cat’s litter box? Is there a supplement I can feed my cat that will stop my dog’s disgusting behavior?

Christopher Responds

Many dogs like to feast on cat feces. Daisy Dog tried it once and says it tastes good. I say dogs are barbarians, and this is proof.

I know of no supplements that will change the odor or flavor of your cat’s feces without harming your cat.

Instead, you’ll have to make her litter boxes less accessible, perhaps by placing one on a high shelf or counter.

Put another litter box in a closet, and cut a cat-size entry hole in the closet door. Add decorative trim around the entry hole, or install a cat door.

Alternatively, buy furniture designed to hold a litter box. Visit and for ideas.

You can try a covered litter box, but when Mom did that, Daisy poked her head through the cover and ate my poop. When Mom yelled, Daisy retreated with the cover around her neck and the poop between her teeth.

It’s important that dogs not eat cat feces, because even indoor cats can carry parasites that will infect the dogs who partake. Roundworms and hookworms also can infect humans, where they cause organ damage, blindness and seizures.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to civilize your dog, if he’s like the four who share my home. Instead, design a system to make it physically impossible for him to nibble from the litter box.

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