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Dear Christopher Cat

We just moved from the country to the suburbs, and it’s no longer safe for our cats, Bonnie and Clyde, to roam outdoors. Indoor living is frustrating them, and they’re getting destructive. What do you suggest?

Christopher Responds

First, make the inside of your new home more fun.
Add tall kitty condos the cats can climb, perch on and hide in. Provide stable scratching posts situated both vertically and horizontally.

Engage Bonnie and Clyde with toys that tire them out, like a laser pointer or a feather on a fishing pole.

Station bird feeders near windows with large sills where the cats can watch the show. Play a cat DVD when you’re not home.

Next, train your cats to walk outside on harness and leash. I love my bright red harness not only because I look so handsome in it, but because I associate it with a walk through the woods.

If Bonnie and Clyde insist on more outdoor time, you can build them an enclosure that will safely indulge their wanderlust. A kit such as Purr...fect Fence makes the job easy.

Its black polypropylene mesh grid forms a sturdy barrier that blends into the landscape yet stands up to even the most intractable cats.

The mesh is seven feet high and comes in lengths of 50 and 100 feet, so you can build an enclosure that should satisfy even your country cats.

The bottom and top borders are virtually escape proof, and gates allow you to move a lawn mower and other garden equipment in and out.

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