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Dear Christopher Cat

We’re vacationing this summer, and we need to board our cat. How can we make boarding as stress-free as possible?

Christopher Responds

When my parents are away, they hire someone to live at the house with us. We cats prefer staying at home, so consider hiring a pet sitter who can live at your home or visit daily while you’re away.

If that’s not possible, you’ll need to investigate kennels that board cats.

Kennels should accept only those cats that have been vaccinated against diseases easily transmitted to other cats in a kennel environment.

To protect your cat, have your veterinarian vaccinate her with the distemper combo and rabies vaccines, and have it done at least two weeks before you board her.

Visit several boarding kennels. Make sure the cat boarding facility is removed from the dog kennels, so your cat won’t be traumatized by barking dogs.

Ask whether the staff will feed your cat’s regular food to help prevent the diarrhea that can accompany an abrupt diet change.

If your cat takes medication, make sure the staff is trained to give it. Better yet, find a kennel associated with a veterinary hospital.

When you’ve found the right kennel for your cat, board her overnight, a week or two before you leave for vacation. She’ll get accustomed to the kennel and learn that you’ll return to take her home.

Then enjoy your vacation, knowing your kitty is safe and comfortable.

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