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Dear Christopher Cat

My therapist advised me to get a pet for companionship. I’ve decided on a cat, because I work long hours and a cat can stay inside when I’m away during the day. I want a kitty that will sit on my lap and purr, but also enjoy playing. What breed do you recommend?

Christopher Responds

All modesty aside, I think I am the perfect cat for you. Of course, I already have a home – and a job Mom won’t let me give up – so I suggest you look for a cat with my attributes.

I am a mixed breed cat – we’re called domestic short hair or domestic long hair cats, depending on coat length – and the best place to find one like me is at your local shelter.

Shelters are full of cats during June, the ideal time to celebrate National Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. The shelter cat population will remain high throughout the summer, because many kittens are born this time of year.

When you visit the shelter, don’t hesitate to ask the adoption counselors for advice, because they know their cats’ personalities.

Then take as much time as you need in the adoption room with as many cats as you like, so you make the right decision – or better yet, decisions.

While you’re at the shelter, I suggest you adopt two cats. They’ll keep each other company while you’re at work, and when you’re home, they’ll entertain you as they play together.

Enjoy your new companions!

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