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Dear Christopher Cat

I live with my cat, Sophie, and three dogs. Sophie seems content as an indoor cat, but I think she needs contact with other cats. Will she welcome a new cat if I adopt one?

Christopher Responds

It may be hard to determine whether Sophie’s choice is to live as an only cat or have a feline friend.

However, most families with a single cat eventually adopt at least one more, and the cats usually get along.

Although I head our five-cat family, the dominant female usually is in charge. Therefore, I suggest you adopt a male cat.

Within a few days of the adoption, take your new cat to the veterinarian to ensure that he is healthy.

Give Sophie and the new cat time to get acquainted, by confining your new family member to a room of his own for about a week.

He and Sophie will introduce themselves under the door, and he will grow accustomed to the household noises.
When he seems confident enough to leave his room, open the door and let him explore the house.

Don’t pick up either cat to introduce them, or you’ll get scratched as the cat you’re holding leaps from your arms.

Feed treats or small amounts of canned food when the cats are at opposite ends of the kitchen but within eyesight of each other. Over the next few weeks, gradually decrease the distance between their bowls, and very soon, they will be friends.

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