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Dear Christopher Cat

This is not a question, but perhaps it can serve as a warning to other readers.

One morning, as I loaded our clothes dryer with wet clothing, our little male kitten climbed into the dryer.  I didn’t see him, and I shut the door and turned on the dryer.

Tragically, when I opened the door later that day to remove the clothes, he was dead.
Our female cats were never as curious as this male cat.  Are males more curious than females?

Please warn your readers to check the dryer carefully before they close the door and turn it on.

Christopher Responds

You warned them better than I could.  We are so sorry about the loss of your kitten.

My experience with the male and female members of my cat family is that curiosity is an individual characteristic, and that neither gender is more generously endowed.

Clothes dryers are particularly attractive to us cats because they are warm little dens.  I had a close call like the one you describe, except that Mom caught me and removed me from the dryer. 

Another close call occurred when I used the dryer door as a springboard to the top of the dryer.  The door sprang shut, almost grabbing my tail.  So cats should certainly be watched around clothes dryers.

Another time, I was trapped in the garage all night when Mom didn’t see me sneak there while she was bringing groceries into the house.  We cats also like to hide in closets, so it’s important that you humans make sure we’re safe before you close any doors.

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